Venue Shenanigans

Good morning bloggers – and sorry for the delay in writing since the last post… It’s been a difficult week here at

Despite the undeniable fun and frolics we have promised at our party (hurrah), it seems that the authorities are buckling under political pressure and are making it rather difficult for us to find a location for the bash. Of course, Parliament Square is out – large gatherings of people are not allowed – and booking Hyde Park is proving a particularly long and laborious process, not helped by a stream of rules and regulations designed to make such an event difficult to arrange. All we wanted was a little shindig to celebrate our good leader’s departure.

And we certainly don’t want to turn June 27th into a damp squib!

So – this is an imploring call to all our friends across all of the forums, chatrooms and blogosphere as a whole… Does anyone know a cosy venue where we can hold the party of all parties? Perhaps you know someone who owns a cracking central London pub, or the manager of Regent’s Park perchance? We’ll provide the food and entertainment – all you need is a thriving hive of loveliness for us to pour full of activity.

So do let us know if you have word of a potential venue? Our monkeys are continuing to scour the highways, by-ways and dimly lit streets of White Hall, Marble Arch and Oxford Circus – but your help would be much appreciated.

If you have any suggestions do give me a call on 07050695516


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