She begins – 10 Downing Street to kick off the party of the year!

OK – so Hyde Park has failed and despite our best effortss, it looks like London’s premier venue will not be housing the ‘ Bye Bye Tony Blair’ party this year… But fear not! Other arrangements have been made for us to ensure a good time will be had by all. Starting at Number 10 at the provisional time of 5.00PM, depending on the arrangements our exalted PM has made, we will then meander from central London pub, to prime establishment, steadily increasing in merriment and spreading the good word of Tony’s departure.

The bad news of course is that we will no longer taste the fresh grass under our feet as we dance until the sun is a distant memory in the sky. The good news however is that our costs have been slashed because of this move, and tickets are now free (with a purely voluntary donation to the nurses if you feel applicable).

Anyone who bought the full £10 tickets will be offered a full refund.

So now there’s no excuse but to get out and enjoy our ‘gallant’ leaders departure!


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