Are you a Tony Blair? George Bush? All of the above?

The search is on across the UK for anyone called Tony Blair or George Bush (and Gordon Browns too) to attend our party! Hitting the postbox with a vengeance usually reserved for difficult back benchers(!), we’ve made sure to invite all of the namesakes in the country as honoured V.I.Ps to receive our most full and frank attention all night. Whether you are a Tony Blair in Fife, Falmouth or Farnbrough or a George Bush in Harrow, Huddersfield or Hackney Marshes – you will be receiving a personal invite that should be dropping some time today.

In total we sent out a whopping load of invites – and hope that we can get a large turn out of namesakes – as well as the real Tony/George of course! So whether they arrive by post, pigeon or specially delivered by one of our zesty team (like Cherie pictured below) – do come… It will the pub crawl to end all pub crawls and what better way to proffer a finger/wave to our departing leader!

Remember – The party to end all parties will bid a fond, or not so fond, farewell to our famed leader on 27th June. The fun will start at 5pm at No 10 Downing Street, moving to The Red Lion in Whitehall on the way to the House of Commons, progressing to the many favourite MPs haunts around the Westminster village. Lets celebrate in style!

See you there!


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One response to “Are you a Tony Blair? George Bush? All of the above?

  1. Invite Guido Fawkes. He’ll take any excuse to get shitfaced!

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