The Saddest of Sad News… BBTB CANCELLED

You may have already heard that due to the most dastardly of unforeseen circumstances our grand plans for Tony’s departure have been thwarted.

At this point there seems little reason and even less solace to be found by recounting the events that have led to the CANCELLATION of the Bye Bye Tony Blair party. Yes, although it pains me to say it… operation Bye Bye Tony Blair is OFF.

Yesterday the leadership of the Labour party was passed on to Gordon Brown, the man who will replace our dear Tony as leader of the country come the 27th. Things are changing and it looks as if Mr. Blair will be able to make his exit with a relative amount of decorum. As the grand and communal farewell is no more, I urge each and every one of you to take the sentiment behind our decimated campaign and express it in whatever manner you can as an individual. Let Tony and all about you know what we thought of his decade at the helm of the ship named ‘Our Nation’, we owe him that much.

My apologies for failing you in this quest,


Samuel P. Churchill.


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