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The Saddest of Sad News… BBTB CANCELLED

You may have already heard that due to the most dastardly of unforeseen circumstances our grand plans for Tony’s departure have been thwarted.

At this point there seems little reason and even less solace to be found by recounting the events that have led to the CANCELLATION of the Bye Bye Tony Blair party. Yes, although it pains me to say it… operation Bye Bye Tony Blair is OFF.

Yesterday the leadership of the Labour party was passed on to Gordon Brown, the man who will replace our dear Tony as leader of the country come the 27th. Things are changing and it looks as if Mr. Blair will be able to make his exit with a relative amount of decorum. As the grand and communal farewell is no more, I urge each and every one of you to take the sentiment behind our decimated campaign and express it in whatever manner you can as an individual. Let Tony and all about you know what we thought of his decade at the helm of the ship named ‘Our Nation’, we owe him that much.

My apologies for failing you in this quest,


Samuel P. Churchill.


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Damn paparazzi!

Yes, it seems like the press have been on the blower non stop over the last couple of days (and may I say how nice they’ve been!!!) – and its been really rather exciting. It seems the old Tony Blair gig is really kicking off now, and from an idea (figuratively at least) conceived on the back of a beer mat, I’m very excited that this could be the party of the century (or June ’07 at least.)

We’re front page news on, tickets are selling (or rather being given away) like hotcakes… But I’m greedy and want more people there… Come one come all!

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Well – not quite. But page 6 of the Daily Telegraph isn’t bad… Hearts are all of a flutter here, and the party really does seem to be in full swing. As promised on said hallowed pages, we will get together some folk in masks for the party and hell – here’s a thought. Does anyone fancy a conga outside 10 Downing Street? It would be superb.

Meanwhile, we’ve had an email from a protest singer Mike, who generously offered us his protest song as our official anthem for the party – Very kind and thank you sir! However, I’m thinking that something like Andrew W.K.s ‘Party Hard’, or Andrew W.K.s ‘Party Till you Puke’ would be more appropriate. 😀

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Tony Tony… Where art thou Tony!


Panic in the Bye Bye Tony Blair camp ensues as the big man himself has still not replied to our letters… We’ve sent him two invitations to the party of the decade, but our Tony is still not biting. However, our spies on the ground have caught what appears to be him in this snap enjoying a tasty pint in a Bermondsey beer garden, so perhaps he’s a little busy! Fear not though good folk, as Tony’s from as far afield as Edinburgh and Nottingham have accepted our request and are heading down to join us! Masks optional of course….

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Interview on Kerrang!

Well – good god.. It’s all kicking off today! I’ve had several papers in touch, wanting to run the story of our party – not to mention an interview on the Ugly Phil breakfast show on Kerrang radio this morning…. Ace! He kicked off with a rubbish impression of our ‘exalted’ leader which non-plussed me a little, but it went well after that and I think I explained the story beautifully!

heh heh!

Anyway, the search is still on for all Tony Blairs, Gordon Browns, George Bush’s and any other cabinet names we can find…

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Are you a Tony Blair? George Bush? All of the above?

The search is on across the UK for anyone called Tony Blair or George Bush (and Gordon Browns too) to attend our party! Hitting the postbox with a vengeance usually reserved for difficult back benchers(!), we’ve made sure to invite all of the namesakes in the country as honoured V.I.Ps to receive our most full and frank attention all night. Whether you are a Tony Blair in Fife, Falmouth or Farnbrough or a George Bush in Harrow, Huddersfield or Hackney Marshes – you will be receiving a personal invite that should be dropping some time today.

In total we sent out a whopping load of invites – and hope that we can get a large turn out of namesakes – as well as the real Tony/George of course! So whether they arrive by post, pigeon or specially delivered by one of our zesty team (like Cherie pictured below) – do come… It will the pub crawl to end all pub crawls and what better way to proffer a finger/wave to our departing leader!

Remember – The party to end all parties will bid a fond, or not so fond, farewell to our famed leader on 27th June. The fun will start at 5pm at No 10 Downing Street, moving to The Red Lion in Whitehall on the way to the House of Commons, progressing to the many favourite MPs haunts around the Westminster village. Lets celebrate in style!

See you there!

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Ticket prices slashed!

Yep – you heard it here first…. Hyde Park is out, but that won’t stop our celebration… Starting at Downing Street (number 10 you know) – you can now get your tickets here for but nada… Yep, nothing! There’s a voluntary contribution to our chosen charity – but that is purely voluntary.

We just want to make this a day that Tony will never forget. We haven’t heard back from him yet mind – Quelle Suprise?

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