She begins – 10 Downing Street to kick off the party of the year!

OK – so Hyde Park has failed and despite our best effortss, it looks like London’s premier venue will not be housing the ‘ Bye Bye Tony Blair’ party this year… But fear not! Other arrangements have been made for us to ensure a good time will be had by all. Starting at Number 10 at the provisional time of 5.00PM, depending on the arrangements our exalted PM has made, we will then meander from central London pub, to prime establishment, steadily increasing in merriment and spreading the good word of Tony’s departure.

The bad news of course is that we will no longer taste the fresh grass under our feet as we dance until the sun is a distant memory in the sky. The good news however is that our costs have been slashed because of this move, and tickets are now free (with a purely voluntary donation to the nurses if you feel applicable).

Anyone who bought the full £10 tickets will be offered a full refund.

So now there’s no excuse but to get out and enjoy our ‘gallant’ leaders departure!


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Venue Shenanigans

Good morning bloggers – and sorry for the delay in writing since the last post… It’s been a difficult week here at

Despite the undeniable fun and frolics we have promised at our party (hurrah), it seems that the authorities are buckling under political pressure and are making it rather difficult for us to find a location for the bash. Of course, Parliament Square is out – large gatherings of people are not allowed – and booking Hyde Park is proving a particularly long and laborious process, not helped by a stream of rules and regulations designed to make such an event difficult to arrange. All we wanted was a little shindig to celebrate our good leader’s departure.

And we certainly don’t want to turn June 27th into a damp squib!

So – this is an imploring call to all our friends across all of the forums, chatrooms and blogosphere as a whole… Does anyone know a cosy venue where we can hold the party of all parties? Perhaps you know someone who owns a cracking central London pub, or the manager of Regent’s Park perchance? We’ll provide the food and entertainment – all you need is a thriving hive of loveliness for us to pour full of activity.

So do let us know if you have word of a potential venue? Our monkeys are continuing to scour the highways, by-ways and dimly lit streets of White Hall, Marble Arch and Oxford Circus – but your help would be much appreciated.

If you have any suggestions do give me a call on 07050695516

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Blair to step down on June 27th… Party venue TBA soon!

It’s official… In under seven weeks time the Rt. Honourable Anthony Charles Lynton Blair will be leaving office, which means our party planners have got just seven days in order to find the ideal venue for Tony’s Parting in the Park. Working like beavers you can be assured that are scooting around central London locations in order to find the perfect venue – watch this space for updates!

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The invitations are out!


Yes indeed – preparations for Parting in the Park are well underway and today we sent our minions out with the first batch of invitations for the great and the good in the media world – and a few special guests we were rather keen to get involved. Pictured here is young Joseph W. Chamberlain of Dewsbury, posting out a letter to one of our most honoured guests – Yes siree it’s the president of the U.S of A, Georgie Bush!

OK – so we’re not convinced he’s going to attend, but who knows. After all, we think that it’s important that Tony Blair shouldn’t just be allowed to humbly slip away… We should hold him aloft as an example to everyone – so George Dubbya – if you’re reading, do come on down to say a fond farewell – we’ll even buy you a coke!

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Charity chosen for Parting in the Park have always set out to be a non profit organisation dedicated to the greater good – much like our benevolent PM himself (ahem…); so it is with great pleasure that we can announce the charity of choice, who will be receiving 100% of the profits from this years event… is The Queen’s Nursing Institute.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute provides both practical and emotional support for community nurses and their patients, along with those nurses who are no longer able to work through illness, injury, old age or disability. Providing awards for vital research projects, dedicated individuals who have shown outstanding care towards their patients and dedicated to improving care and dealing with inequalities – The Queen’s Nursing Institute is a vital institute to so many of our undervalued nurses.

To the QNI, no one is more important than today’s generation of community nurses who are fulfilling one of the most challenging roles in modern healthcare – and that’s why we want to help them.

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Website up and running… and Blair to go in July?

As you will have probably noticed. So welcome to‘s official blog. Your first stop for finding out exactly what’s happening with the Parting in the Park – our celebratory bash that will take place on the day Blair steps down – and frees Britain to step boldly on into a new, and hopefully brighter, phase of history.

And it was only yesterday that our party plans received a boost when Blair took to a chat show couch and suggested that bonny Gordon Brown will take over from him as Prime Minister in around two months’ time. With the date widely rumoured to be July 2nd, but not confirmed just yet, Blair conceded that his oldest political rival was the odds-on favourite to take the hot seat at number 10 by admitting the next PM will be a ‘scot’.

Alistair Darling anyone? (Well he has admitted to feeling Scottish!)

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Tony Blair’s reign coming to an end….


Tony Blair’s ‘difficult’ reign is coming to an end in just a couple of month’s time – so we think it’s high time to celebrate. This is going to be the bash to end all shindigs, putting the ‘party’, if you will, in party political broadcasts. Promising live music, sumptuous food and atmosphere to rock the heart of London town – Let’s all get together in one great big community – to rejoice in Tony’s parting in the park!

Keep an eye on the blog for all the information and updates!

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